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 dms sustainable consulting

dms is a green building solution provider dedicated to promoting high performance green buildings through measured environmental performance. We are experts in the field of high performance, integrated green design and construction, and have built a coalition of strategic partners who work collectively to build high performance green buildings. Our Company is empowered and managed by Michelle Cottrell. Michelle has over 15 years in the architectural and interior design industry, as a designer and project manager. Michelle’s calculated organizational skills, passion and drive are the essence of dms. 

dms works with Building Owners, Design Professionals and Contractors to evaluate buildings during all phases of design, construction and building operation. We offer professional services to help our clients develop, construct, and operate high performance green buildings and we measure that performance against accepted standards such as LEED and Energy Star. dms provides the resources to help clients find cost effective solutions and to achieve certified building performance.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of the project and client with an emphasis on providing cost effective solutions. Our company is based on a integrated business approach to use LEED and the integrated design process to transform the process to approach design, construction, and operations. The integrated design process, coupled with incorporating sustainable design solutions, is best when utilized in the early stages of the development process and with an integrated team of stakeholders and experts to increase building performance within the client’s triple bottom line goals and expectations.

 dms works with clients on a number of different projects and building types. This experience allows us to develop effective solutions for a wide range of green building challenges. Our portfolio includes multi-million dollar development projects, as well as not-for-profit building renovations. We work with clients who are designing new buildings, renovating existing properties, or evaluating their existing building operations. dms also consults with corporations on greenhouse gas emission benchmarking and Corporate Social Responsibility policies. 

dms' president, Michelle Cottrell, has authored seven books about LEED, each published by John Wiley & Sons, six of which are exam prep books and the other is dedicated to the LEED certification process.  The first book, Guide to the LEED Green Associate Exam, was released in September 2010, followed by a Guide to the LEED AP Buidling Design + Construction (BD+C) Exam in January 2011. Michelle's first hardcover,  A  Guidebook to the LEED Certification Process, was released in May 2011 offering professionals insight and guidance to the LEED certification process for LEED NC, CS, and CI projects under the 2009 versions of the rating systems.  Guide to the LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (O+M) Exam was released in September of 2011, followed by Guide to the LEED AP Interior Design + Construction (ID+C) Exam in February 2012. Guide to the LEED AP Homes Exam was released in September 2012. With the release of v4, Michelle updated Guide to the LEED Green Associate V4 Exam, released in October of 2014.